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E-Learning Options

Open Water Courses

We have streamlined the open water course by using the newest technology to save you time and money.
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Military Group Rate- $355
Available at MCBH Kbay & Camp Smith only
  •  eLearning access pass (online classroom) purchase final when activated
  • All scuba gear- (BCD, regulator, tanks, full 3mm wet suit and weight belt) Snorkel and fins not included
  • Pool use and pool fees
  • Four Open Water dives and boat fees
  • PADI registration, log book, RDP and instruction

Student to Provide:  

  • Own mask, snorkel, and fins

Private/Semi Private

Semi-Private Rate – $455
Available at Waikiki Beach Mariott location
  •  eLearning access pass (online classroom) and PADI Registration
  • All scuba gear- (BCD, regulator, tanks, full 3mm wet suit and weight belt, Snorkel * Fins)
  • Pool use and pool fees
  • Four Open Water dives and boat fees
  • PADI registration

Student to Provide:

  • eLearning Enhancement Pack – $39 (log book & RDP)

PADI Open Water Course - Private

Private, one-on-one instruction Open Water Course – $650
  • eLearning access pass (online classroom)
  • All scuba and dive equipment – BCD, regulator/gauge, tanks, weight, wetsuit, mask, snorkel & fins.
  • Pool use and pool fee
  • Four open water boat dives and boat fees
  • eLearning enhancement pack  (log book & RDP)
  • Private, one-on-one scuba instruction
This course takes as long as needed to complete training in pool and on open water dives.
eLearning must be completed on your own before beginning pool training.

Advanced Course

Course cost: $350

  • All scuba equipment
  • Wet suit
  • Five dives and instruction

Student to provide:

  • Own mask, snorkel, booties, and fins
  • Advanced Open Water Crew Pack
  • (Can use eLearning course)

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is designed to take you fresh from your Open Water course to give you fun, supervised dives in interesting places. The Advanced Open Water course gives you the supervision of an Instructor a variety of dives and scenarios, such as: 
  • What is beyond 60 feet,
  • Navigation techniques
  • Buoyancy
  • And many more!

In-Person Diving Course

Stop by one of our shops to get your manual and read the appropriate chapters, fill in the knowledge reviews for those chapters and meet at the boat for great dives.
Diving Manual Required Chapters:
  • Deep Diver
  • Boat Diver
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Night Diver
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Wreck Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

eLearning Method

Five pre- assigned chapters and fill out the knowledge reviews and your ready for your adventure.

No class, no pool – just diving fun! Purchase the Advanced Course online!