1. Scuba Gear Lingo: 20 Terms To Know

    So you’ve been planning your Hawaii vacation, you’re itching to see the sun and water, and you’ve planned on renting scuba gear while in Waikiki. There you are, and the dive instructor says, “OK! Grab your buddy and your BCD, and let’s make sure you can equalize and clear your mask before we go.” What? Sometimes, it can seem like your dive instructor is speaking a foreign language if y…Read More

  2. 6 Items For Your Day At The Beach

    You’ve been planning your Hawaii vacation for months now and nothing stands between you and your day at the beach with your kids — except for the mile-long line of people waiting to rent snorkeling gear. Then, once you finally get to the front of the line, you see the prices! There’s no way you’re paying THAT for a kids’ snorkel set. Instead, skip the line and the high prices and make yo…Read More